STAGO - Folding-Machines

Precise - versatile - robust

STAGO presents highly productive folding machines for professional use. The robust construction allows high quality processing of various materials as papers and plastic sheets in continuous operation. Contact us!

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The new FlexFold 340 folding system series consists of several modular individual machines that can be flexibly linked together.
This allows the corresponding machine configuration to be configured quickly and economically by a certain folding product. In addition to concrete folding product solutions, the concept also make universal configurations possible, which allows a large number of folding products. And this with short set-up times and economical run times even with small to medium runs also online.

Features and technical equipment
Single machines
  • Folding machine FZM 340
  • Roller alignment table SRA 340
  • Friction feeder FKA 340
Paper size up to DinA3+ (up to 340mm width)
Paper weight 40g up to 300g/m2
also cardboard, plastic sheets, ...
Paper feeding friction feeder from below
Paper capacity 400 sheets refilled from top while running
Machine dimensions depends on configuration
Sample configurations
  • FKA 340 with SRA 340 and FZM 340
    Folding line with high precise paper adjustment
  • FZM 340 with SRA 340 and FZM 340
    two folding machines, 4 folding pockets in line or as cross fold configration
  • Onlineconnection with SRA 340 and FZM 340
    Direct processing of printed products, with dobble version with cross folding
  • Further configurations are possible