STAGO - Folding-Machines

Precise - versatile - robust

STAGO presents highly productive folding machines for professional use. The robust construction allows high quality processing of various materials as papers and plastic sheets in continuous operation. Contact us!

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A perfect folded product is guaranteed by comprehensive and dignified adjustment possibilities. Rebuilding for different materials, grammage and folding types is simple and easy and enables an efficient production even for small and medium jobs. By the gentle friction feeding from below, material can be filled up continuously while the machine is operating. Thereby the FZM 340 convinces with a maximum production output up to 20.000 DinA4- foldings per hour – even with large jobs.

  • Robust and maintenance free, outstanding stability, made for continuous operation
  • 2 folding pockets, for all common kinds of folding
  • Paper size up to DinA3+ (up to width of 340mm)
  • Paper weight from 40 up to 300 g /m
  • Folding of stapled stacks possible
  • Stageless adjustable production output up to 20.000DinA4-foldings / h
  • Non-Stop-Function! Refilling during folding process due to friction feeder

Features and technical equipment
Continuous output up to 20.000 sheets/h DIN A4
Paper size up to DinA3+ (up to 340mm width)
Paper weight 40g up to 300g/m2
also cardboard, plastic sheets, ...
Paper feeding friction feeder from below
Paper capacity 400 sheets refilled from top while running
Machine dimensions 3500 / 530 / 1100 mm
Machine weight 36 kg
Power supply 230V / 50Hz
  • Noise insulation
  • stand with / without rollers
  • Tools for creasing at the outlet
  • special dimensions and materials on request
  • Integration in FlexFold folding system