STAGO - Original equipment made in germany

Original equipment for STAGO machines

STAGO purchases all components and consumable material from subcontracting firms in Germany. That guarantees us a consistent high manufacturing standard and guarantees you reliability and functionality for the daily use in practice.

Download here an overview of the STAGO equipment program and the form for orders via fax.

Equipment and consuming material for stapling machines


All STAGO staples are made of galvanized steel and are delivered in packing units of 5000 pieces. You can order all popular sizes of staples that can be used with STAGO machines.
Following sizes are available:

  STAGO Heftklammern HK 70/06-22
Staples (6-22mm)
  Heftklammern HK 69/08-30
Staples (8-30mm)
  Heftklammern HK 64/06-20
Staples (6-20mm)
  Heftklammern HK 60/06-20
Staples (6-20mm)
  Heftklammern HK 36/06-08
Staples (6-8mm)
  Heftklammern HK 26/06-08
Staples (6-8mm)
  Ringklammern HK 26/06-08 R
Loop staples (6-8mm)
  Heftklammern HK 24/06-10
Staples (6-10mm)
  Ringklammern HK 24/06-08 R
Loop staples (6-8mm)
  STAGO Papierbogenzähler Original STAGO paper pile thickness gauge  

Equipment for Paper Drilling Machines


All STAGO paper drills are made of heavy duty steel and have an extreme high hardness and elasticity. You can get paper drills with a diameter from 2,0 to 22,0 mm. Furthermore following coating qualities are available:

  STAGO Papierbohrer Chrombeschichtet CR = Hard chrome
Ø 2,0-20,0 mm
  STAGO Papierbohrer Titanbeschichtet TIT = Titanium coated
Ø 2,0-20,0 mm
  STAGO Papierbohrer Detontationsbeschichtung DET = Detontation-coated
Ø 2,0-20,0 mm
  STAGO Papierbohrer mit Niflor/Teflon-Beschichtung NF = Niflor/Teflon coated
glide coating Ø 2,0-20,0 mm
  Entleervorrichtung für Papierbohrer Emptying device for paper drills
For cleaning paper drills from chipping
  Original STAGO Späneausstoßer Original STAGO Emptying device for paper drills
Special design from STAGO for cleaning paper drills from chipping
  STAGO Paipierbohrerschärfer Basic paper drill sharpener
  STAGO Papierbohrerschärfer Original STAGO paper drill sharpener
    Fibre board drilling underlay  

Equipment for Punching Machines

  STAGO Eckstanzmesser Round cornering knives R4, R7, R10
(only for HS 50)
  STAGO Geradestanzmesser Straight knives
(only for HS 50)
  STAGO Fingerlochmesser Thumb index knives
(only for HS 50)
  STAGO Lochpfeifen Hollow punches 3-12 mm Ø
Shaft Ø11,0-16,0 mm (only for HS 50)
  Gerademesser und Matrize Straight knives with matrix
for straight and angle cuts (ESM 20 and ESM-A)
  STAGO Eckenabrundungsmesser und Matrize Round cornering knives with matrix
Radii 3.5, 7, 10, 12, 15 and 20mm (ESM 20 and ESM-A)
  Entleervorrichtung für Papierbohrer Emptying device for Hollow punches
    Waxpaper (10 sheets DIN A4)  
    Fibre board punching underlay