STAGO - Paper-Drilling-Machines

Precise - versatile - robust

Because of the model construction, all of the STAGO – Paper Drilling Machines are ideal to be arranged for your range of use. So in every series there are different versions available: with up to five spindles, with attached table or adjustable table for a paper size up to DIN A3. Contact us!

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The PB 1000 series machines are suitable for punching larger paper stacks in offices, law firms, schools, government agencies, copy shops, and small print shops. The ergonomic, simple, and robust design enables them to have a wide range of applications. Stacks of paper of up to 60 mm can be punched in a user-friendly way and without much effort. Three different table designs enable economical use for many different applications. The sliding table with programme shaft (SP) allows it to define up to 6 different hole spacing. Precise dual, double, US and also customised perforations are therefore not a problem. The chip removal is performed automatically into a collection bag.

However, it is not only paper that can be punched, but cardboard, textiles, leather, plastics, etc. can also be machined by a wide range of drill bits with hole diameters of 2-15 mm.
Features and technical equipment
No. of drilling spindles 1
Drilling diameter 2 - 10 mm
Drilling depth max. 60 mm
Drilling speeds 2400 U/min
Table versions Fixed (F), sliding with programme shaft (S)
Throat depth 86 mm
Table size 650 / 450 mm (F), 650 / 380 mm (S)
Materials paper, cardboard, textiles, leather, plastics
Machine Dimensions 580 (F), 700 (S) / 650 / 450 mm
Weight 32 kg (F), 42 kg (S)
Power supply 230V / 50Hz, 115V / 60Hz*
Options Base frame

* optional

Further models and special designs on your request. Contact us!